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The Emotional Symptoms of Grief

For many people who have lost someone unexpectedly, find the world turning into a surreal place. Emotional symptoms of grief are many and it is important to know and understand them in order to heal completely after loosing someone. The grief is one thing that will never has an appointment in anybody’s life. Many times one may feel that they are in the midst of a normal, pleasant life and suddenly a wash of grief comes over them, followed by the emotional symptoms of grief.

The common emotional symptoms of grief

1. Feeling of numbness
2. Show deep sadness
3. Exhibit anger
4. Remain fearful
5. Show relief
6. Become irritable
7. Feel guilty
8. Experience loneliness
9. Have longing
10. Show anxiety
11. Meaninglessness
12. Show signs of apathy
13. Illustrate vulnerability and weakness
14. Display abandonment and desertion

One has little control over these emotional symptoms of grief. One should expect experiences, parallel to these, over the first three to six months frequently. They may diminish with time but may still happen from time to time. These emotions are often very strong and intense. Those grieving often mistakenly think that they are the only ones to feel that way. Remember that you are neither alone and nor going crazy.

Grief affects us not both emotionally and physically. Understanding the emotional symptoms of grief will help us understand how grief can affect us. Thus we can deal better with the loss and its grip. While we wish we never had to learn or understand these emotional symptoms of grief and emotions, being aware of them does offer us comfort and give us confidence in our own times of sorrow. By understanding these emotions, we take the first important step towards realization and getting in terms with the reality of our loss.

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