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How to Take Care Of Yourself First?

One of the most important things while grieving is not to forget to take care of yourself. It is only normal to experience grief when losing someone you love. The best thing to do is be patient with oneself and give time. But one should take care of yourself first. So, how to take care of yourself? Read on to find out.

The stress of a major loss can eat up one’s energy and emotional reserves fast. But there are ways to take care of yourself. Looking after one’s physical and emotional needs will help one move on through these difficult times.

Learn to face your emotions
Although one can find it easy to suppress their feelings but they are bound to surface sooner or later. You cant avoid them forever. In order to heal and take care of yourself, one has to acknowledge the pain. Unresolved grief can only prolong the grieving process and lead to further complications like depression, anxiety, and other health problems.

Express your feelings
If you’ve lost a loved one, just write down on a paper how you feel. You can also pen down your loss in a journal. Make a scrapbook or photo album celebrating the person’s life. You can also get involved in a cause or organization that was important to him or her.

Look after your health
Take care of yourself first. Remember that both mind and body are connected. And when you feel good physically, your emotional health will be better too. Try to get enough sleep. Eat right and healthy. Go for regular exercise. Avoid using alcohol or drugs for coping with grief.

Judge for yourself
Avoid letting anyone tell you how to feel, and when to move on. You are the best judge of your own start of affairs as your grief is your own. Give yourself time and feel comfortable with your emotions. It’s perfectly okay to be angry or cry. It’s also okay to laugh too and find moments of joy. These are the ways to take care of yourself and to let go when you’re ready.

Be ready for the grief “triggers”
Birthdays, anniversaries, holidays will be some milestones that will rekindle past memories and fuel your emotions. Be prepared for an emotional punch, and know that it’s completely normal.

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